History Colorado releases 1,300 pages of Denver’s Ku Klux Klan membership records



The records, digitized and searchable, are available online now for free

Exhibit A: History Colorado’s digitized Ku Klux Klan ledgers, which debuted online this week at historycolorado.org/kkkledgers. The archive, which contains 1,300 pages of original KKK membership records, only covers the years 1924 through 1926, but its contents are stunning.

It’s not just a story of victimization and oppression, DiPrince said. The posting of the digital archive comes with links to stories of people who resisted the KKK at the time, such as Dr. Joseph Westbrook. He infiltrated the KKK long before Det. Ron Ferguson went undercover to bust them in Colorado Springs in the 1970s (a story that was made into Spike Lee’s Oscar-winning 2018 film “BlacKkKlansman”).

Photographing Ku Klux Klan membership ledgers for the Greater Denver area, 1924-1926, in the Digital Imaging Studio at the History Colorado Center. (Provided by Katie Bush, History Colorado)

WOW: History Colorado releases Denver Ku Klux Klan ledgers — The Know


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