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When the Black Panthers and Young Lords Teamed Up to Fight Addiction with Acupuncture

The documentary "Dope Is Death" chronicles the history of a first-of-its-kind detox center in the Bronx.
This was just as Nixon’s War on Drugs was revving up, which was of course in fact a war on poor people by other means — on one end it’s been alleged that intelligence agencies funneled drugs into impoverished areas, while on the other end police incontestably used the presence of drugs as a pretense to brutalize those areas. 

The story of a radical movement that sought to end heroin addiction in communities of color with acupuncture, led by Dr. Mutulu Shakur, the step father of Tupac. 

"The producers of Dope is Death would like to acknowledge an error in the documentary: Gloria Fontanez has been misidentified as Iris Morales, both were members of the Central Committee of the Young Lords. We apologize for this error and we would like to honor both women for their work.” 

Be sure to stay tuned after the film for an interview with Suroosh Alvi and the filmmakers. 

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