The DNA of Democracy

The United States is Not a Healthy Democracy: An Interview with Richard C. Lyons

by Jonathan Montano and Andrew Fletcher
"Power is aggregating away from the people’s representative assemblies of house and senate and into the executive branches myriad agencies and into the judicial branch."
Diagnosis: Not healthy.

What historically are the telltale signs of a healthy democracy?
A.  A balanced, mixed constitution of executive latitude of diplomacy, truly representative legislative assemblies and an independent judiciary.
B. Equality before and the equal application of laws which arise solely out of the legislative branch with the consent and enforcement of the executive and judicial branches.
C.  The maintaining of power nearest the local level where it is applied. 
D. A hands off policy regarding competing associations of faiths, charities, businesses.
E. Free expression, private ownership and individual rights.


Indian Slavery


absolute power depends on absolute control over knowledge, which in turn necessitates absolute corruption

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