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No One is Above the Law

Exclusive: De Niro, @robreiner , @SophiaBush , @StephenKing , @jvn , and more are cutting through the Trump administration’s lies about the Mueller report — NowThis (@nowthisnews) June 20, 2019

Thursday Thought

SUGGESTION TO THE MEDIA: In 2016, you gave trump $2B in free advertising. You guys are as much to blame for him as Russian hackers and dumb voters. How about THIS time around you DON'T help Fullofshitticus, and report on DEMs who can run the country properly? #ThursdayThoughts — BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) June 20, 2019

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Indian Slavery


absolute power depends on absolute control over knowledge, which in turn necessitates absolute corruption

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