The Internet of Civil Rights: the New Digital Divide | Brigitte Daniel

Brigitte Daniel addresses and reframes the new kind of “underserved”: those not only on the wrong side of the digital divide, but those who are impacted by and advocate to keep digital technologies accessible for a new generation of internet civil rights. In her talk, Daniel illustrates how her family’s African American cable company, Wilco Electronics Systems, Inc. has evolved over the last 40 years and has helped to provide technologies to those communities who have been overlooked for decades. Daniel talks about the diverse body of voices that make up internet users, how new internet policies are shaping a global change in its use and status, and how we must strive to effectively serve and provide digital access to all people in order to create a more just society. A ‘telecom visionary’ according to Marie Claire magazine and a vocal advocate for gender and cultural diversity in the tech industry, Ms. Brigitte Daniel has emerged as a national thought leader and supporter for digital access to underserved communities across the Country. As the Executive Vice President of Wilco Electronics Systems, Inc., her family’s privately owned cable operation, Wilco is one of the last remaining African-American owned cable operators in the Nation and has provided affordable cable and technology services to low-income communities as well as educational institutions, in Philadelphia, for over 38 years.


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