Database of Fugitive Slave Ads

Freedom on the Move from Cornell University is the first major digital database of fugitive slave ads from North America.

The Runaway Slaves in Britain project at the University of Glasgow is similarly examining the history of slavery in the UK through advertisements from 18th-century newspapers. There are first-hand narratives of slavery — such as Frederick Douglass’s 1845 memoir and Solomon Northup’s 1853 Twelve Years a Slave — yet overwhelmingly millions of voices are missing from recorded American history. FOTM aims to deepen our understanding of the experiences of enslaved people, and slavery’s role in the development of the country. As Mitchell stated, “Through these individual stories, we aim to help people in the present connect with the past and with the plight of those who suffered and resisted slavery.”

READ MORE: A Database of Fugitive Slave Ads Reveals Thousands of Untold Resistance Stories


Indian Slavery

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