‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ real life sculptor

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’

The film, based on the James Baldwin novel of the same name, is first and foremost a story of love in the midst of racism, but it’s also about artistic drive and creativity. Alonzo, known to loved ones as Fonny, is struggling to sculpt himself into something more than a kid from the Harlem ghetto.

READ: Meet the Real-Life Sculptor Who Made Art for the Oscar-Nominated Film 'If Beale Street Could Talk' | artnet News


Indian Slavery

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absolute power depends on absolute control over knowledge, which in turn necessitates absolute corruption

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“Politicians, Priests, and psychiatrists often face the same problem: how to find the most rapid and permanent means of changing a man’s belief…The problem of the doctor and his nervously ill patient, and that of the religious leader who sets out to gain and hold new converts, has now become the problem of whole groups of nations, who wish not only to confirm certain political beliefs within their boundaries, but to proselytize the outside world.” – William Sargant “Battle of the Mind”

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