Human trafficking of women and girls in Tribal Communities

Minderoo Foundation Expert Advocates Global Scale of Modern Slavery and Protection of Indigenous Populations in the United States

by Davina P. Durgana, PhD

At the American Bar Association Mid-Year Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA the Minderoo Foundation emphasizes the important role of estimating prevalence in trying to better protect populations around the world and in our backyards.
Minderoo Foundation presented our work at the American Bar Association’s Mid-Year Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 25, 2019 alongside Judges, Security Executives, and Legal Experts. We began this esteemed panel, entitled “Trafficking in the World of Chance: Human Trafficking in the Casino Industry and Beyond” with our research findings from the 2018 Global Slavery Index and the 2016 Global Estimates of Modern Slavery. We tailored our remarks to reflect on the vulnerabilities that indigenous populations face, especially in high-risk environments such as casinos. We emphasized the importance of measuring and counting victims of modern slavery in order to combat this crime with available resources, policy measures, and law enforcement efforts.

The panel discussed the frequency of domestic violence, rape, murder, and human trafficking of women and girls in tribal communities throughout the United States.

Dr. Durgana of Minderoo Foundation advocated for the estimation and counting of these crimes against women and girls on tribal lands to better protect these populations.
Other experts spoke about supporting hospitality and service workers in the casino and other high-risk industries to report potential modern slavery crimes with impunity.

Judges shared best practices in sentencing traffickers and supporting victims in courtrooms. 

Minderoo Foundation also shared our experiences with civil society groups that enhance victim protection and provide additional support and mentorship to vulnerable youth in the legal process. We commend the American Bar Association and the National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, the National Council of Specialized Court Judges, Lawyer’s Conference, Special Council on Diversity in the Judiciary, and the Tribal Court Council for their collaborative efforts to address this issue in courtrooms, schools, local, state, and federal legislature, and our broader global communities.

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